Friday, January 5, 2018

Roko Aero NG4, EC-XGM: Accident occurred January 04, 2018 near La Axarquía Airport, Málaga, Spain

The pilot of a light aircraft escaped uninjured when his plane crashed into a field of avocados not far from the Axarquía airfield at the Benamocarra bridge on Thursday morning.

According to a spokesperson at the airport's control tower, the pilot, a 61-year-old Colombian national with the initials E. G. M, was trying to return to the runway after reporting mechanical problems with the plane. He was gliding at around 300 metres when the aircraft came down.

Firefighters and an ambulance were called to the scene where the man was attended to for back pain.

There has been a rise in accidents involving light aircraft using the Leoni Benabú airfield near Trapiche, just north of Vélez-Málaga in recent years, several of which have been fatal.

The last accident occurred almost exactly a year ago, on 19 January 2017, when two people were killed when their light aircraft crashed into a field of avocados near a river.

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