Friday, December 1, 2017

Wapello County, Iowa: Fly Ottumwa seeks city endorsement

OTTUMWA — Fly Iowa’s visit to Ottumwa was one of the summer’s biggest hits. While that event has flown, organizers are taking the next steps in making an Ottumwa fly-in an annual event.

Fly Ottumwa is planned as a two-day event in August 2018, and the city is being asked to help out with some financial and staff support. There are some steps required before city staff can lend a hand.

On Tuesday, council members are being asked formally endorse Fly Ottumwa, which would authorize City Administrator Andy Morris to work with the committee on things like police and fire protection during the show. The city’s public works and airport staff would also likely become involved as the event develops.

That support is a donation, but not a direct financial donation. The in-kind support would give the committee a boost. But there could be financial support involved, with a request for the city to seek a liquor license for the air show and additional insurance to cover the event.

Council members are being asked to “determine if the Fly-Ottumwa Air Show meets the requirements to be a City sponsored event with financial and staff support.” Council members have been vocal in their approval of how well Fly Iowa went and in their support of having an annual event at the airport, suggesting they may back the request.

The air show isn’t the only transportation-related item on the council’s agenda. The downtown parking ramp is in need of some repairs. None appear to be serious now, but making the repairs early means they don’t become major problems later.

The list included in the city agenda includes some epoxy injection, crack sealing and waterproofing. The anticipated price tag is $143,000.

The council meeting is 5:30 p.m. Tuesday in the council chambers at city hall.

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