Friday, December 29, 2017

Pair of Marijuana Entrepreneurs, Including Founder of Jack’s Hand Cleaner, Busted at Crossville Memorial Airport (KCSV) With More Than 150 Pounds of Weed, Cops Say

A pair of people who moved to Humboldt County from across the country and invested — directly or indirectly — in the local marijuana industry were arrested last week at an airport in Crossville, Tennessee, allegedly in possession of more than 150 pounds of “pharmaceutical grade marijuana,” according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

One of the arrestees was Arcata resident Erin Elizabeth Reed, who is originally from Crossville, according to a brief bio on the website for Jack’s Hand Cleaner. Reed created the product, which is marketed to growers and trimmers as means of removing “dirt, resin and gardening grime.”

Reed is also listed with the California Secretary of State as manager of the Arcata-based parent corporation Jack’s of Humboldt, LLC, which holds trademarks for the hand cleaner along with a number of other weed-related products, including Jack’s Vapor Pen, Jack’s CBD Oil, and a line of hemp-infused supplements called Jack’s in the Hole.

The other arrestee was Dennis Howard Bonneau, of Weston, Florida. According to a North Coast Journal story from June 2016, Bonneau is a licensed chiropractor and seasoned investor who, through a mutual benefit corporation, purchased a nine-acre parcel in Ferndale, then jumped the gun on a cannabis-growing operation only to get shut down by the county for breaking ground before acquiring a permit.

Authorities in Tennessee were tipped off about a scheduled delivery to the Crossville Municipal Airport and arrived last Thursday to find a small plane, piloted by Bonneau, on the tarmac, according to a press release. Authorities found about 66 pounds of “pharmaceutical grade” weed inside the aircraft and then stopped Reed inside the airport lobby with a bag holding another 90 pounds of weed, “along with edible marijuana products,” the press release states.

The two were booked into the Cumberland County Jail and held on $500,000 bond apiece.

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Erin Elizabeth Reed

Dennis Howard Bonneau

A man and a woman were taken into custody and charged with trafficking marijuana after a drug task force received a tip that an airplane registered in California was scheduled to land at Crossville Memorial Airport.

Cumberland County Sheriff’s Casey Cox said there was little notice given to local law enforcement and that officers scrambled to assemble and detain occupants of the plane. Crossville and Cumberland County law enforcement officers arrived just as the plane had been refueled and was ready to resume its trip.

Taken into custody at the airport and later charged at the Justice Center were Dennis Howard Bonneau, 47, 15797 SW 20th St., Davie, FL, and Erin Elizabeth Reed, 34, 1109 Janes Rd., Arcata, CA.

Both are charged with possession of more than 70-pounds of marijuana for sale and/or delivery and both were placed under $500,000 bond.

While the press release states 66 pounds of packaged marijuana was seized, the arrest affidavits filed by CPD Mptl. Camden Davis reports 21 pounds of marijuana found in possession of Reed and about 70 pounds in possession of Bonneau.

 A court date of Jan. 22 was assigned to the two suspects, according to their booking sheets.

The booking sheet shows a sister of Reed living in the Crossville area.

“This was a perfect example of how these task forces are supposed to work,” Cox said. “Capt. Jerry Jackson received a call from a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) office and Capt. Jackson alerted the local members of the Appalachia HDITA with the sheriff’s department and the city.”

“The city police department activated very quickly and were able to respond to the airport and detain the suspects.”

Cox added that they were joined by agents from the FBI and TBI.

A TBI press release states that on Thursday, law enforcement received a tip that a scheduled delivery to the Crossville Memorial Airport was on its way. When city police arrived, they found the light plane on the airport tarmac with Bonneau identified as the pilot.

A search of the plane yielded “66 pounds of pharmaceutical grade marijuana inside the airport,” according to the TBI release. Bonneau was taken into custody inside the plane while Reed was taken into custody in the airport’s lounge area.

While the booking sheet states Bonneau claims a Davie, FL address, the TBI press release identify him as having a Weston, FL address.

The marijuana seized was reportedly packaged and marked as pharmaceutical marijuana and a chewy product reportedly laced with marijuana was also found.

Early estimate of street value was placed under $500,000. As of press time, both suspects remained jailed at the Justice Center.

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