Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Siddipet: Key parts from Kiran aircraft missing

Siddipet: Some important parts of Kiran Trainer Aircraft, which blew up on the outskirts of Duddeda village in Siddipet district on November 24, have reportedly gone missing. 

According to a source, some important parts like the pilot’s seat, weighing about a tonne, pilot’s helmet and parachute the woman trainee pilot used to eject herself to safety, and few other parts, went missing from the accident site. The source further said that the pilot seat weighing about a tonne is among the missing parts.

Following the directions of Air Force officials investigating into the crash, the local police released an alert message in Duddeda village and other surrounding villages requesting people to return the missing parts of the aircraft if they have picked them up by mistake. The police also sounded an alert that they would initiate stern action if anyone is found possessing them. They have also offered a cash prize to people who return the parts.

Since there are chances of the missing parts piercing into the earth, the Air Force officials have dug with an earth mover at one place, but found nothing.

Air Force officials arriving from Hyderabad, Bangalore and New Delhi have been at the crash site since last Friday and the investigating officials are allowing none into the accident site. They have marked the boundaries of the crash site spread over a 300 sq. km area with a red ribbon. With the assistance of local police, Air Force officials are collecting each and every part of the aircraft from the crash site and are preparing to shift the remains of the aircraft to the Air Force Station, Hakimpet.

Rashi Raina (24), the trainee pilot who ejected to safety minutes before the Kiran aircraft blew up in the air, is still undergoing treatment at a hospital at Air Force Station in Hakimpet.

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