Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Pilot International: Lawsuit settled

Newton City-County Airport

Pilot International, a former tenant at the airport, sued the city for damage to an aircraft, and for the depreciated value of the plane, after a city employee moved the aircraft and it was damaged during that move.

The damage to the aircraft was about $2,300. Pilot also sued for the decreased value of the plane, which was almost new. All told, the city was sued for $75,000.

At the time of the lawsuit was filed, Pilot was past due rent, and that amount ended up at nearly $14,000 before Pilot moved out of the airport.

The settlement would result in an insurance payment to Pilot of $15,000. When those funds are received, Pilot would be liable to pay $9,500 for a portion of the past due rent and fuel charges. The city would be responsible to pay a $2,500 deductible to the insurance carrier.

“We are waiving $4,400 in past due fuel and rent.  It also waives any future claims we have. The benefit is we receive $9,500 from Pilot for past due rent and fuel,” said Chris Towle, city legal counsel.

The commission voted to approve the agreement.

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