Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Woodbine Municipal Airport (KOBI), Cape May County, New Jersey: Makes Two Applications to New Jersey Department of Transportation

WOODBINE - The Borough of Woodbine has made application to the New Jersey Department of Transportation for a two grants totaling approximately $900,000.

The first, in the amount of $278,852.73, is for Jet A Fuel Design and Construction.

This project is for the Design and Construction Management for the installation of a new Jet A Fuel facility adjacent to an existing AVGAS fuel farm at Woodbine Municipal Airport. The addition of this type of fuel would allow the MedEvac helicopter, as well as other helicopters and small jets that require this type of fuel,  to be fueled here at Woodbine. This project proposes the design associated with the excavation of the existing asphalt pavement as well as the design of the foundations and infrastructure necessary to support the newly proposed fuel tank. This project also proposes the construction management tasks including daily onsite inspections for the duration of the construction phase of this project.

The second, in the amount of $615,635.32, is for Transient Apron and AVGAS Relocation-Phase I.

This project is for the construction, design, and construction management of a new transient apron in front of Woodbine Municipal Airport’s terminal building.

This project also includes the removal and relocation of an existing AVGAS fuel farm that is incidental to the construction of the proposed transient apron. The proposed apron will serve as additional tie-downs for fixed wind aircraft as well as an access area for fueling. The proposed apron is along the northeastern side of taxiway B and will have pavement markings navigating aircraft traffic on and off from Taxiway B. These changes would lead to traffic conditions that are safe for the fixed- and rotor-wing aircraft.

“I am very excited in the Borough’s ability to acquire additional funding for the growth of our airport and for the additional facilities made available for the aviation community,” added Mayor Pikolycky.

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