Monday, September 25, 2017

Georgia Northwestern Technical College offering drone classes for law enforcement students

From tracking weather to handling traffic situations, drones are allowing authorities to have eyes on areas they would not usually be able to access easily.

Because of this Georgia Northwestern Technical College has purchased two new DJI-series Phantom drones and is training law enforcement students to use them in the field.

GNTC Criminal Justice Technology Director Tony Adams, who has over 13 years field experience with Georgia’s State Board of Pardons and Paroles, said these unmanned and compact remote-controlled vehicles are helping change the way many departments are getting their jobs done.

“As more and more departments deploy drones they continue to prove their value,” added Adams. “They provide incredible situational awareness to emergency services teams. Police officers, fire fighters, and SWAT teams across the country use drones for search and rescue, crime scene investigation, accident investigation, criminal pursuit, forest fire tracking, and damage assessment. Drones are not just toys or flying cameras.”

Students enrolled in Adams’ program on the college’s Walker County Campus will soon get the chance to have hands-on experience at flying and operating the Criminal Justice Technology program drones.

“Everyone is really excited about it in the classroom,” said Adams. “We’ve been troubleshooting problems on the setup of the drones and we are ready to get them in the air for flight and study.”

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