Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Letter: Walk for victims of plane crash, not geese

Canada geese can transmit many diseases, are very messy and aggressive, and can do damage to yards, especially after grass seed has been sown.

I think the people in Kings Grant could find a better reason for a memory walk instead of euthanized geese.

How about a walk in memory of the young military personnel killed in a recent crash?

Joyce Kirkwood

Virginia Beach

About 75 people walk in memory of euthanized geese in Virginia Beach:


  1. Stupid liberals, screw the geese, more to worry about in this world then animals.

  2. Instead of worrying about what other people are walking for, why don't you start a walk for our fallen warriors? Why does it bother you what other people are doing? Roll up your sleeves and do some work!

  3. Go Trump Go! Drain the Swamp!

  4. Hilarious little-known, covered-up fact: Trump won 26 out of the 58 Kalifornia counties.
    Of course, the good people of these counties were greatly outnumbered by the Coastal Losers of the Clinton Archipelago.

  5. San Francisco has descended into a liberal disaster.

  6. What is a fact, our National Media is fixated on bringing down this President. Personally, I can't watch or listen to the Liars Club and that is the National Media. The voters are so tired of the constant whining about Trump and the Russians.

    In reality, the Russians probably wanted the Clintons, because the Democrats always sell out their own country. (Obama/Iran) Obama/Castro) (Obama/Clinton Russians Uranium) etc.

    It is impossible for the Republicans to outspend the Democrats when it comes to using TAX Money to buy votes--The National Media refuses to discuss our National Debt. For the most part, Republicans are the adults in the room, but many of the adults are deathly afraid or the Liars Club, our media, the loudspeaker for Progressive-Socialist agenda..

    The Democrats always play every political card they can- that's normal, the tragedy is when Media starts their BS by touting Democrat talking points-

    Trump makes decisions that are positive for jobs and National security.