Sunday, July 16, 2017

Korean Airlines flight KE-917, Boeing 777-300 HL8011: Incident occurred July 15, 2017 at Stuttgart Airport, Filderstadt, Germany

The Bundeswehr deployed two fighter jets to help a Korean Air passenger plane make an emergency landing at Stuttgart airport. The aircraft, en route to Zurich from Seoul, had lost contact with air traffic control.

A sonic roar rung over the German city of Stuttgart on Saturday evening, as the Bundeswehr deployed two fighter planes to intercept a Korean Air passenger plane when radio contact cut out. It was unclear why contact with air traffic control had been lost.

The passenger aircraft was eventually escorted by the jets to Stuttgart airport where it made an emergency landing.

An airport spokesperson said that the plane was travelling from Seoul to Zurich and would remain grounded overnight as engineers inspected it for technical issues.

The 200 travelers on board the Korean Air flight stayed in the airport overnight due to a late-night flight curfew, blocking outbound flights after 11 p.m.  

The live air flight tracker Flightradar24 highlighted the enormous U-turn the Korean Air flight performed to land in Stuttgart.

It was the second such incident in as many days. On Friday, two Bundeswehr jets followed an Egyptian passenger plane that had lost contact with air traffic control over the border region between the German states of Hesse and Bavaria. Fortunately, it was not required to make an emergency landing after it eventually regained radio contact.

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