Sunday, July 16, 2017

'White substance' on Air New Zealand plane not hazardous

A mysterious white substance has been removed from an Air New Zealand plane and passengers are now being allowed to board.

Flight NZ125 from Auckland Airport to Melbourne was delayed after the "white substance" was found on board, although Air New Zealand said the delay was due to a separate engineering issue.

A Fire Service spokesman said three fire trucks were at the airport assisting airport staff with the removal of a "small quantity of a spilled, white substance". Police had also been notified.

Air New Zealand said "a small amount of spilt powder was found in the aircraft hold prior to baggage being loaded this afternoon. This has been identified as a non-hazardous substance and has been cleared up".

"Engineers are currently working on the Boeing 787-9 aircraft and we hope to update customers on a new departure time soon," the airline said.

 An Auckland Airport spokeswoman said it was an Air New Zealand flight, and the substance was found before the plane was boarded.

She said it was an international flight.

The spokeswoman said the front of the plane had been checked and emergency services were now checking the rear hold.

Shane Cooney tweeted that he was stuck at the airport due to an "engineering issue".

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