Saturday, July 22, 2017

Cessna 750 Citation X, Netjets: Accident occurred July 21, 2017 at Henderson Executive Airport (KHND), Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada

HENDERSON, Nev. (KSNV News3LV) — A mid-sized business jet sustained "significant" damage Friday when it rolled off the concrete apron, crashed into a fence and rocks at Henderson Executive Airport.

Photos sent to News 3 show a Cessna 750 Citation X, which is capable of 700 mph, with its nose into a chain-link fence as well as its belly into rocks next to a taxiway or parking area.

The mishap occurred about 1:30 p.m., said Christine Crews of the Clark County Aviation Department.

"The report is a mechanic just completed some work on the Cessna 750 Citation X and failed to set the brakes and the wheels weren't chocked," Crews told News 3. "The plane rolled down a fairly steep embankment and hit the fence. It has significant damage and is not going to fly."

The plane is owned by NetJets, Crews said.

The value of a 15-year-old Cessna 750 Citation X is several million dollars, depending on number of landings, hours and other factors. It seats 12 people.

A crane has been sent to the airport to remove the plane from its resting point.

Airport operations were not affected by the mishap.

Airport officials say a plane suffered significant damage after rolling down an embankment and hitting a fence at Henderson Executive Airport.

Reports say that a plane was having work done in a maintenance area around 1:30 p.m. Friday, but a mechanic forgot to set the brakes and chock the wheels. That's when the plane began to roll.

Officials say a crane will have to remove the plane. 

Operations at the airport were not impacted by the mishap since it did not take place on a runway. No injuries were reported.

LAS VEGAS - A plane rolled through a fence at Henderson Executive Airport Friday afternoon, according to a spokesperson for McCarran International Airport.

It all happened around 1:30 p.m. while maintenance was being done on one of the planes.

According to officials, the person doing maintenance, moved the plane, but they didn't set the brakes or chalk it, so the aircraft rolled down an embankment and through a fence.

However, the plane did not roll off the runway.

The plane belongs to NetJets, and it's a Cessna 750 Citation X. 

No one was hurt.


  1. I have an excellent set of tools?!?!

  2. Just another high quality vendor Netjets likes to use.

  3. Move the company to a right to work state and hire new experienced mechanics.

    It will only take a couple of crashes due to inexperienced mechanics to ground the entire NetJet fleet either by the FAA or executives refusing to risk their own lives in order to save a dime.

    Ka Boom? No no I speak no English.....

  4. Poor Mech... That is the definition of a "Bad Day". I hope he can find work.

  5. I wonder why the N number has been covered.....

  6. Maybe they will try to repair the plane and keep it in service.

  7. The NTSB aviation data base has nothing for this incident.
    Concealed N number, no NTSB entry ... Remember a DEA plane crashed near Houston (SEP 2018?) and they attempted to conceal the N number.

  8. It's not an "N" number. That's not even a "thing". They are called tail number.

  9. We call them N numbers...what's wrong with you?

  10. they can be referred to as an N number or tail number either one...

  11. But other than this, the mechanic had an excellent day at work.