Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Nieuport 11 replica, C-IVTN, Air Canada Pilots Association: Incident occurred June 07, 2017 at Woodstock Aerodrome (CCD3), New Brunswick

Emergency officials in Woodstock, N.B., responded to an incident Wednesday morning involving a Nieuport 11 replica aircraft at the Grafton airport that saw the pilot walk away uninjured.

Woodstock CAO Ken Harding said at about 10:30 a.m. that the aircraft had an accident on takeoff. He said the plane veered off the runway and it appeared one of the wheels collapsed, the plane lost directional control and flipped on its back.

He said the pilot was able to get out of the plane immediately and was checked by paramedics and was not injured.

Harding said the RCMP, paramedics and fire department were on site.

Woodstock Fire Chief Ricky Nicholson said that they received a 911 call at 11:16 a.m. and responded to the airport on Route 585 in Newbridge.

He said that on arrival they were met by Harding who was on site.

“He quickly informed me that there’s no injuries, the guy walked away, but there was a fuel spill,” Nicholson said.

He said they quickly contained the fuel spill. He said the Department of the Environment had arrived and they would continue cleaning up the site.

Harding said the plane sustained moderate damage and said it can be repaired.

He added that the incident had been reported to Transport Canada.

Transportation Safety Board of  Canada (TSB) spokesperson Chris Krepski said they had received a report of a runway excursion Wednesday morning. He said it involved a Nieuport 11 replica aircraft.

The aircraft was part of the Vimy Flight: Birth of a Nation tour, according to Larry Ricker, one of the Vimy Flight members.

Ricker said it was too early to say if the plane involved in the crash would take part in the flight over Ottawa, which is taking place on July 1.

He added the tour had made a stop last week in Woodstock for an event with the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association.

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A pilot lost control of a First World War Nieuport replica plane on Wednesday, and it flipped on its side at Woodstock airport.

The pilot was checked out by paramedics but was not injured.

"The pilot lost some directional control on takeoff, so it went over onto the grass that runs along the edge of the pavement," said Ken Harding, the chief administrative officer in the town.

"And when it did, the wheel collapsed and the airplane flipped on its back so the pilot was able to immediately exit the aircraft."

The plane, considered an ultra-light aircraft, sustained moderate damage, said Harding.

The plane has to stay where it is until Transport Canada decides whether to do an investigation, he said.

The runway was to remain closed the rest of the day.  

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