Monday, May 29, 2017

Accident occurred May 28, 2017 on the Big Island, Hawaii

Type of Incident: Skydiving Accident around 11:00 am at the vacant lot Mauka of Upolu Airport

Situation Found at Scene: Found 40’s male lying on ground attended by 4-5 by-standards. Patient with multiple serious injuries. Patient treated and stabilized by medical personnel, then loaded aboard HFD Chopper 2 for transport to North Hawaii Community Hospital in critical condition.

Cause: Parachute Malfunction/high speed crash landing.

Remarks: Hawaii Fire Department Company 15, was dispatched to an Emergency Medical Service call and found 41 male solo skydiver with injuries from a “hard landing”.  According to the lead skydiver instructor, patient possibly had a malfunction with his chute.  Patient extricated to M15 for ALS treatment.  Patient was then transported to North Hawaii Community Hospital Emergency Room by M14 personnel via Chopper 2.  Patient with multi-system trauma injuries.

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