Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ercoupe 415-D, N93932: Nosewheel broke during hard landing

AIRCRAFT:   1946 Ercoupe  415-D, N93932

ENGINE - M&M, S/N:  Continental  C-90-12, S/N 43486-2-B 

PROPELLER – M&M, S/N:  McCauley  1B90, S/N 48066

APPROXIMATE TOTAL HOURS (estimated TT & TSMO from logbooks or other information):

ENGINE:   430 SMOH, Unknown since new, logbook goes back to MOH on 6/14/1977

PROPELLER:  Unknown                     

AIRFRAME:   1639 Tach and Total Time                   

OTHER EQUIPMENT:  PS Engineering Aerocom II Intercom      

DESCRIPTION OF ACCIDENT:  Nosewheel broke during hard landing

DESCRIPTION OF DAMAGES:    Engine mount bent, firewall distorted, nose gear damaged, left and right side of fuselage aft of firewall oil canned           

LOCATION OF AIRCRAFT:   Farmington Regional Airport (KFAM), Farmington, Missouri         

REMARKS:  No engine logbook prior to 6/14/1977.  

Read more here:  http://www.avclaims.com/N93932.htm

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