Friday, January 20, 2017

Q: What is the latest on whether Smith Reynolds Airport (KINT) will have an air show in the near future?

Answer: There won’t be an air show in 2017, but there may be one in 2018.

“Next month, the Airport Commission of Forsyth County will be advertising for bids for a construction project that will impact the availability of Runway 4-22 and the ramp in front of the main terminal building,” said Mark Davidson, airport director at Smith Reynolds. “Although the Airport Commission expects the construction to be done in a timely manner, there is too much uncertainty of exactly when it would be completed and ready for use. The runway and ramp are critical in hosting an air show.”

He said that the Airport Commission is hopeful they will be able to host an air show in 2018, “but the show is not set in stone at this time. Future construction should not be an issue and the additional planning time would position the airport for greater success. The Airport Commissioners understand that the air show is a great community event and looks forward to hosting another show in September 2018.”


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