Sunday, January 08, 2017

Morgantown Municipal Airport to receive $850K

MORGANTOWN — Interim City Manager Glen Kelly said that while 2016 numbers are still up in the air, the Morgantown Municipal Airport will receive $850,000 in airport improvement funds from 2015 that it failed to capture due to low enplanement totals.

An airport with at least 10,000 enplanements in a calendar year receives $1 million in AIP funds while falling below that threshold nets $150,000 from the FAA.

Kelly explained that by looking at the airport’s past enplanement numbers, Matt DiGiulian of the FAA determined Morgantown would receive the full $1 million for 2015.

“By being able to utilize those numbers and showing that we’ve had good numbers for so many years, he was actually able to give us credit for that. So instead of the $150,000 we got the $1 million,” Kelly said, adding that the 2016 numbers sit at about 9,500, and counting.

Additionally, Kelly said the airport’s new carrier, Southern Airways, is working to implement in-line baggage agreements with major carriers like Delta and United, as well as a pre-check security system.

Both, he said, could be in place by the end of the first quarter of 2017.


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