Monday, December 26, 2016

Suspect in bizarre Orlando International Airport incident: ‘Don’t do crystal meth’

ORLANDO, Fla. (WESH) — A man suspected of taking off his pants before stealing and driving a luggage cart across a tarmac at Orlando International talked with reporters after bonding out of jail on Monday.

Reporter: Do you have anything to say about this incident?

Richard Hogh: Don’t do crystal meth.

Reporter: Was this a drug-related thing?

Hogh: Don’t do crystal meth.

The 27-year-old Hogh, a Canadian citizen, is charged with grand theft and trespassing. Police said he’d been removed from a flight about to depart for Chicago after acting erratically Friday morning.

According to police, Hogh sat in an unassigned first-class seat, then claimed to be a pilot. He was taken off the plane. Then, a cleaning service employee told police Hogh followed her on to a service elevator. She challenged him for not having an ID badge.

When the elevator door opened, the witness said, Hogh got out, took off his pants and walked into an airport area not accessible to the general public.

Police said Hogh hopped in the passenger seat of an airport luggage vehicle and told the driver he had a flight to catch. Fearing for his safety, the driver got out. Police said Hogh drove onto a taxiway toward an airport fire station.

A firefighter made aware of what was happening hopped on, got the vehicle stopped and with other firefighters subdued him.

A spokeswoman for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority said pilots were told to avoid moving their aircraft. But there was no interruption to flight operations.


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