Saturday, December 17, 2016

225 flights cancelled due to snow at Denver International Airport on Saturday morning

Denver - A winter resulted in airlines cancelling about 225 flights at Denver International Airport early Saturday morning.

"The forecast called for one to three inches. We ended up getting more like six to eight inches, depending on where you are a the airport," said Heath Montgomery, DIA spokesperson.

The airport deployed 300 pieces of equipment to deal with this storm. 

"We have all our snow crews out this morning clearing surfaces on the both the airfield and landside roadways," Montgomery said. 

The airfield and runways were clear and open to airlines according to Montgomery.

However, approximately 225 flights were cancelled which is about 15 percent of the flights scheduled daily at DIA.

The cancelled flights "include some smaller commuter flights to mountain towns and cities around Colorado that just cannot fly in these conditions," said Montgomery.

Pena Boulevard was covered by hard,compacted snow. Montgomery cautioned drivers to slow down and give themselves extra time to get to the airport. 


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