Friday, July 01, 2016

Man Calls 911 Thinking He Was in Plane Crash, But ‘It Was All Just a Dream’

Kathryn's Report:

(ABC News) — A 75-year-old man from Renton, Washington, recently called 911 claiming he was in a small plane crash, only to discover it was all a dream that he says may have been brought on by a prescription sleeping aid he’d taken before bed.

In audio of the emergency call, the man can be heard telling the operator that he’s “pinned in” a plane that was in a “field with trees.” He can be heard adding that there were three other people on board who were unconscious.

Renton firefighters and police were dispatched to the man’s home, where they found the caller not in a plane, but in his bed at home, according to NORCOM, a dispatch agency that services King County, Washington.

The man was embarrassed and told emergency personnel that “it was all just a dream,” a NORCOM spokesman told ABC News today, adding that emergency personnel determined he was OK and left.

The caller, who wished not to be identified by name, told ABC News today that the incident happened in May after a recent surgery. He said he had been having trouble sleeping, so his daughter gave him half a pill of the sedative.

“It was a bad, terrible experience,” he said.

The 75-year-old added that he will “never again” take the drug and that he now just wants to put the scary episode behind him.

The drug’s developer says it has a 20-year track record and is perfectly safe when as directed.

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