Sunday, July 10, 2016

Delta Airlines, McDonnell Douglas MD-90, N955DN: Incident occurred July 09, 2016 -Kathryn's Report

Delta Air Lines Inc:

TULSA -- Several passengers voiced their frustrations after a flight from Atlanta to Denver was diverted to Tulsa.

Dylan Doyle was on his way from Atlanta to Denver to see his girlfriend, however; the trip was cut short when Delta flight 1817 was forced to land because 9 people were feeling nauseous. 

"As people started seeing other people freaking out everybody just kind of went into a panic," said Doyle.

"We arrived, assisted with evaluating 12 patients who had complained of or were showing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning," said Tulsa Fire Captain Stan May.

One passenger was transported to the hospital for unrelated medical issues, while around 150 other passengers were moved off the plane without their baggage, spending most of the day waiting in the terminal.

“So everyone is just sitting here quarantined and they’re not telling us anything and it’s getting to the point where people, tensions are running high," said Doyle.
Firefighters said the source of the carbon monoxide is still unknown. 

“Whether it’s something on the airplane or the airplane itself, but for the safety of the passengers and the crew they’re going to go ahead and continue their travels on another plane," said May.
Doyle said although he’s glad he can finally leave the airport, he wishes the situation was handled better. 

“It’s just one of those situations where it just kind of wreaks of them trying to cover their own behind, like a lawsuit or something," said Doyle. 

Passengers were put on a different plane late Saturday night.

Officials say the original plane will be taken to the maintenance to figure out the source of carbon monoxide within the next couple of days. 

Delta told 2 Works For You the safety and security of their customers is their top priority. 

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Anonymous said...

Delta casts possible blame on something leaking in the cargo area, but that seems pretty transparent. It's not like the things in the cargo area disappeared. Did Delta examine them?

Anonymous said...

This could have been a fume event . It has been documented that jet aircraft have issues with bad quality of air entering the aircraft pressurized areas due to leaking pyrolized hot synthetic engine oil vapors which have been proven to leak into the aircraft air conditioning
and pressurization systems . The Flight Attendants Unions have been very involved in these cases . Would be interesting to note that there has been no follow up press on this event !!! The Airlines don't want news agencies reporting on the jeopardy of passengers being exposed
to dangerous FUME EVENTS coming from the aircraft pressurization systems .