Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bryan City Council Asked To Tackle Geese Problem At Williams County Airport (0G6) -Kathryn's Report

The council was asked to come up with ways to reduce the number of Canada Geese at a retention pond at the Williams County Airport.

The request came from the Williams County Airport Boosters and made at the July 5 City Council meeting. The request did not specify what action the council should take, only that there was a real need for a solution.

The retention pond sits at the end of a runway and draws a large number of geese. This presents a safety hazard for planes taking off and landing. There was an incident this year where a goose collided with a private plane and caused $5,000 damage to the aircraft.

The problem time is the fall when 1,000 geese can be in the area during migration times for the birds.

The pond is not supposed to constantly have water in it, but it has become that way to improve the aesthetics of the area for cyclists and walkers.

The pond is a result of a large project from the previous decade meant to alleviate conditions following the devastating floods of 1996.

The problem will never be eliminated as the state limits the number of geese that can be culled. Deer are also culled on a regular basis.

Council discussed options, which will have to involve the Department of Natural Resources.

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