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The 20 longest non-stop flights you can take out of New York City-area

Kathryn's Report:

If you're flying out of New York City, you can make it practically anywhere, and for cheap too, as long as you're willing to wait it out at an airport or two or three.

But prices are down and jet setters have been giving airlines rave reviews recently, so why connect if you don't have to?

Using Google Flights, we took a look at current flights offered out of the New York City-area airports to find the longest direct flights. Above we've counted down 20 of the farthest places from the Big Apple that you can hop a plane to without a layover.

While the longest flights out of NYC tops out just over 16 hours, carriers have been recently reinventing it's in-flight experience — increasing entertainment options, renovating business class and expanding their menus — so it may be a good time to consider a destination that takes the better part of a day.

The world's longest flight currently offered is a 17-hour trek between Sydney and Dallas, but by 2020, one airline has said it will connect Australia and New York City with a 20-hour direct flight.

Experts have said low fuel costs have open up funds for airlines to reinvest in passengers' amenities, specifically the legacy airlines like American, United and Delta, which have been trying to compete with the competitive prices of low-cost carriers. 

Most have also announced they will offer similar deals to the bargain carriers, such as Virgin and Spirit, where a flier buys a basic ticket — or a below-economy class — and pays extra for traditionally-free amenities, like a carry-on bag.

This is a flier fad that hasn't made its way to flights like the ones we listed above but on shorter-hauls, fees have become an integral part of carrier's cost breakdown, and recent surveys show fliers are warming to the à la carte approach to air travel.

The approach is paying off for airlines too. An industry group recently upped its profit projections for carrier by $3.1 billion in 2016.

So with carriers adding new planes and competition keeping prices low — some fares above came in under $800 round-trip — check out the long-hauls above and maybe it will narrow your choices....

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