Sunday, June 05, 2016

Howard P. Morgan Jr.: Longmont's proposed airport rules aren't focusing on needs

Kathryn's Report:

Lately, you may have seen references in the paper as to the attempt by city management to impose Rules, Regulations and Minimum standards on the airport community.

Pilots and airplane owners are among the most highly regulated, highly motivated and responsible people in our airport community. We are governed by the Federal Air Regulations (FARs), which are extensive in covering all phases of aviation. The city management is trying to paint an entirely different picture to residents. The Rules and Regulations that they are attempting to pass have nothing to do with the operation and maintenance of an airplane, nor do they have the authority to regulate anything already covered by the FARs. The Rules and Regulations document is onerous in that, depending on interpretation, it makes nearly everyone who steps foot on the airport guilty of some infraction.

It covers such mundane things such as where one can drive a car and then where one may park their car, restrictions on using the parking brake on one's airplane, how to fuel an airplane, prohibits empty paint/oil cans in a hangar, prohibits grease spots on a hangar floor, and even tells us where and how we can park an airplane including in a hangar.

There are many positive things that the city/airport management team could focus on. The airport infrastructure is out of date and in need of work. We have seen a rapid increase of business people coming to our town through the airport . The airport is the visible front door to Longmont for these folks, and we do not score very high in competition with other communities of our size. We need management that will seek out ways to make these improvements and get off of the negative path that is now being promoted.

Howard P. Morgan Jr.


Vance Brand Hangar Owners and Airport Users Association

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