Monday, May 09, 2016

Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport (KYNG) director stays positive amid new turbulence


More competition and another delay in daily service. The future of the Youngstown-Warren Regional airport hinges on options for future flyers and the airport's director remains confident those options will come to the area.

"With the daily service, you'll notice more and more that there are less direct flight options opportunities out of Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Pittsburgh," Dan Dickten said, airport aviation director.

Dickten says passengers appreciate connecting to another flight by flying out of their own backyard. He remains positive that the airport will have a viable future.

Allegiant Air operations are under review by the Federal Aviation Administration and the wait continues for daily service to and from Chicago out of Youngstown.

The U.S. Department of Transportation wants to review tests from the FAA on its proving flights and financial records before allowing Aerodynamics Inc. to run domestic flights through the windy city.

"It's the same red tape that any other airline goes through to get the certification approved," Dickten said. "We'll get there, we just need some additional assistance from the owner of ADI and I believe he will step up and provide that."

A start date of June 13 for the commercial Chicago flights isn't concrete. Dickten says he could learn in the coming days of a more exact take of schedule.

With $250,000 in interior and exterior improvements, the airport is moving in the direction of preparing for more consistent crowds.

The addition of Allegiant flights out of the Akron-Canton Airport and Pittsburgh International Airport isn't making a huge dent in sales for YNG, but Dickten says they have noticed a small impact.

"Our flights had been consistently 90-percent, however, since they did implement the service at the two other airports, that's dropped to between 80, 85-percent and it fluctuates," he said.

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