Thursday, May 12, 2016

Headland Municipal Airport (0J6) continues to improve services

The Headland Municipal Airport continues to improve its available services. Many projects are planned for the upcoming year, including the construction of a partial taxiway and a sun shade.

 “The Federal Aviation Administration is promoting two issues strongly,” said Pete Crews, airport manager. “Those two issues are safety and income. The partial taxiway is a huge safety benefit to everyone who utilizes the airport. At the present time we have to close the runway. The taxiway will allow aircraft to maneuver safely without closing the runway. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2017. Once construction begins, the project should be completed in eight to nine months.”

The sun shade is scheduled to be installed in the near future. The shade will provide safe storage of the Jet-A fuel truck. The shade will reduce SUV damage to the truck up to 80 percent.

Although the airport management is excited about the two new projects, progress continues to be made in recruiting jobs and businesses to the Headland and Henry County area.

“We are continuing to make progress at the airport to attract future businesses to help our city and county grow,” Crews said. “With all the improvements that have taken place at the airport over the years, we offer 5,002 feet of paved runway with a 2,875-foot grass strip. To help pilots make the transition to the runway, a set of Precision Approach Path Indicator Lights are installed near the approach end of runways 09 and 27. This procedure gives pilots accurate glide slope information that helps ensure that a safe landing may be accomplished. These are valuable assets that complete the instrument approach package found at the airport.”

The airport also has 40 t-hangars with tie-downs available to its customers. The airport management also announces the facility now offers 100 LL aviation fuel and Jet-A fuel.

“Offering both fuels is a huge plus to our stationed and visiting aircraft,” Crews said. “By installing the Jet-A Fuel Tank and the purchase of a Jet-A Fuel truck, we meet the needs of pilots that fly turbo prop and jet aircraft. This service will also encourage larger aircraft to land and meet their needs as well. We are also offering a courtesy van and an office area to our pilots who utilize our airport. Our goal is to provide our pilots a comfortable area to rest and relax while they prepare for their next flight. These are just a few of our services available.”

Crews also stated the airport is looking at building corporate hangars in the next few years.

“Everything we do here is to promote economic development that helps provide jobs for the area,” Crews said. “We currently have six businesses located here at the airport. We have two vacancies, and we are reaching out to new businesses and industries to, hopefully, fill those buildings or attract larger businesses here who are interested in building. We have a lot to offer, and we are just minutes from downtown Dothan. That is also a huge plus for larger aircraft needing to utilize our airport.”

The public may not be aware of one major program available at the Headland Municipal Airport, its military training areas.

“We are proud to say our facility is utilized by Ft. Rucker Army Post aircraft and Eglin Air Force Base aircraft for many practice procedures,” Crews said. “We enjoy helping all of our military resources, and, if we can assist any additional military areas, it is our pleasure.”

For more information regarding current services available at the Headland Municipal Airport, call 693-9415

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