Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Authority approves 25-year land lease: Valdosta Regional Airport (KVLD), Lowndes County, Georgia

The Airport Authority approved a land lease agreement on the land where a flow-through hangar is located.

VALDOSTA –– The Valdosta-Lowndes County Airport Authority unanimously approved a land lease for a 100 x 100 square foot hangar Wednesday.

It will be for 25 years and will be leased out to a private individual. The approval does not include any plans, agreements or costs.

Jim Galloway, airport manager, said that it would look similar to the other land lease the airport currently has. 

The authority will lease the land to the person building the hangar for 25 years and after the 25 years the land will revert back to the authority. The cost of the hangar will be paid for by the private party. 

The new hangar will replace flow through hangars that are in need of some minor repairs. 

The authority also approved a plan to mill pine trees around the airport and generate about $30,000 in revenue for the airport. Officials plan to leave the hardwood trees in the area alone. 

“I don’t want it to look like a war zone,” said Galloway.

A few areas are considered to be wetland, but according to Galloway they can take out the trees as long as the ground is not disturbed. Galloway plans for the stumps of the trees to be left in the ground. 

Aside from revenue generation, the tree removal will help dry the airport by providing more sunshine to the grass areas. It will also help limit the wildlife that is trying to live in the area. Galloway explained that birds and deer can interfere with landing and take off. 

The authority is expecting it to take about two weeks to cut the trees.  

The authority plans to use the $30,000 from the trees for facility sustainment.

The authority also approved $10,000 for a roof replacement design for the general aviation building; however, the approval does not include a plan to actually perform the replacement. There will be a separate approval for bids from companies to perform the roof replacement. 

A $1,348,193 budget was also approved for the year. 

The budget included a $33,151 law enforcement cost increase, but final approvals for the law enforcement enhancement plan are pending.

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