Monday, March 28, 2016

Lincoln County to reconsider zoning boundaries around North Platte Regional Airport (KLBF)

NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-- Lincoln County is taking action to determine if the zoning boundaries around the North Platte Regional Airport need to change.

Currently, there are height restrictions on what can be built in the three miles surrounding the airport; however, the county is considering extending these boundaries to ten miles horizontally.

The Lincoln County Commissioners appointed the the Lincoln County Planning Commission as the Airport Zoning Commission to consider this change.

Joe Hewgley, board chairman of the Lincoln County Commissioners, said that considering this change is a matter of safety.

"If you're in IFR weather, it's pretty tough to see if you're fogged in," Hewgley said. "If you're trying to come in on an instrument approach at the end of a runway, you want to make sure that nothing is intruding in that zone."

The Airport Zoning Commission is meeting in May. Their findings will be presented to the Lincoln County Commissioners again sometime in June.

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