Sunday, March 27, 2016

Disused Cessna jet to become novelty school classroom

The Cessna made the trip from Southend on Saturday.

The Cessna jet arrived at the school on a low-loader.

Milton Hall Primary School bought the jet earlier this month for an undisclosed fee.

The fuselage was lifted onto the playing field by crane.

Insulation and flight information cards had been cleared from inside the jet.

The next step in the renovations will be jet washing the fuselage and adding new aluminium wings

The jet has been placed on the primary school's playing field.

A school that bought a disused private jet to use as a new classroom is a step closer to getting pupils on board.

The Cessna Citation fuselage was bought by Milton Hall School in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, earlier this month.

After being carried by crane on to a playing field, the plane was fenced off and gutted, with jet washing and construction of new wings still to do.

"The children just want to get inside it, but we need to make it safe first," said school media manager Jon Baker.

He said hours of work had been put into clearing out insulation, flight information cards and other rubbish from inside the jet.

The school, which has limited space for expansion, purchased the jet for an undisclosed fee and has been fundraising in order to pay for its renovations.

"We've also been planning out the inside space and how it will look as a classroom - it'll comfortably fit half a class when we're finished," Mr Baker added.

"The children have been writing stories about how they think it got there. A couple of the reception classes have turned their classrooms into airports.

"It's been a catalyst for inspiring creative writing."

The school hopes the jet will be ready for use as a classroom by June, with the space set to be used as a a hub for ICT and media studies.

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