Monday, December 21, 2015

Sheriff's Office acquires 'new' plane from Department of Public Safety for extraditions

Arizona Department of Public Safety Director Colonel Frank Milstead talks with Yavapai County Sheriff Scott Mascher about the Sheriff Office’s new plane, a six-passenger Cessna 210 that DPS donated to YCSO Tuesday morning, Dec. 15, at the Prescott Airport. 

A light dusting of snow glistened on the wings of the Cessna T210M at the Prescott Airport recently, as Yavapai County Sheriff Scott Mascher officially accepted the airplane from Department of Public Safety (DPS) Director Frank Milstead.

"It's a big thing for us," Mascher said about the donated aircraft. "It saves time and it saves the taxpayers money."

YCSO will use the "new" six-seater 1977 Cessna for extradition of in- and out-of-state prisoners, replacing the four-seater Cessna 182 it has been flying for the past 30 years. DPS obtained that airplane through a Drug Enforcement Administration's drug seizure case.

The Cessna 210 has a history of use by Arizona governors, Mascher said. It will save the county money on every trip with its ability to fly farther distances and for a cost less than the price of commercial flights.

The older Cessna 182 remains parked in its hangar for now, said Vince Carr, lead pilot for YCSO. He will be using it later this week to retrieve a prisoner from California. He and pilot David Williams have yet to fly the newer aircraft. 

Carr met with DPS officials in Phoenix a few months ago to go over the flight logbooks and talk to its pilots. 

"We liked it and the price was right," he said. 

Carr and Williams will train in the new plane to become "mission capable" before using it for extradition purposes. YCSO has contracted with Carr for the past 18 years, and with Williams for seven years.

YCSO will find a hangar soon for the Cessna 210.


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