Monday, December 21, 2015

Narcotics Agency Apprehends a co-pilot, steward and stewardess

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Banten Narcotics Agency have arrested a co-pilot along with a steward and stewardess in an apartment in Southern Tangerang on Saturday, December 19. 

“The agency apprehended a steward, stewardess and a co-pilot,” National Narcotics Agency (BNN) Human Relations Chief Senior Commissioner Slamet Pribadi said on Monday, December 21. 

Slamet is still concealing the details of the arrest; the airline company, the chronology of the arrest, and the type of drugs being used. He only said that he will be off to Banten concerning the arrest. 

“I will be going to Banten tomorrow (Dec. 22),” he said.  Slamet says Banten Narcotics Agency plans to have talks on the arrest today.


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