Monday, September 28, 2015

Bird strike sends Charlotte-bound flight back to Jamaica

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A bird strike grounded a Charlotte-bound American Airlines flight on Monday, stranding passengers in Montego Bay.

Charlotte resident Nick Orchard was among the passengers on board American flight 827. He says the plane had just taken off from when he felt a jolt on the left side of the cabin.

"It almost seemed to decelerate momentarily, but it did continue with the takeoff. That was accompanied by a infinite, but not an overpowering burning smell in the cabin. And it was shortly after that the pilot came on-- probably 30 seconds into the flight-- and advised us that there had been a bird strike," Orchard said.

Orchard says the plane circled a few times before landing back at the Jamaican airport.

All the passengers were bused back to a hotel. Most probably won't find out until Tuesday morning when they can leave.


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