Saturday, February 28, 2015

Letter: Airport rent hikes shouldn’t fly • Santa Monica Municipal (KSMO), California


I find it quite disturbing that we have an airport commission that is anti-airport and would have the gall to suggest raising the rents on the people that conduct all kinds of business there, especially in these tough times.

They praise the diversity of cultural arts in Santa Monica yet are quite the hypocrites, encouraging the strangulation of the art community, theater arts group, restaurants and small businesses that inhabit the Santa Monica airport.

The fact is that none of the four airport commissioners appointed by the Santa Monica City Council are pilots, know how an airplane functions or even have any flying experience except for traveling in an aircraft.

It is interesting that David Goddard and Steve Marks, who both live in the Sunset Park area, have real estate licenses and want the airport closed down. Postulating this thought, it’s easy to see what they would gain by this using their positions as airport commissioners. A conflict of interest indeed.

Years ago, we had a no-jets policy enforced with large, stenciled white letters on the East-West 23 runway. Mysteriously, these letters were removed and jets were allowed back in which overpriced landing, takeoff and storage fees were charged and collected by the city. One has to ask the question: Who were the City Council members that allowed this, and what terms did they hold?

As for the people who complain about the airport and who bought homes in the area, you knew that there was an airport there. As a matter of fact, it’s been there since 1917.

So, let me get this straight: You purchase a home where you know there’s an airport, yet you now have myriad complaints because the airport is there — fully aware when you bought your home it was an airport. Even Dr. Doolittle’s pushmi-pullyu would have a hard time with this one.

Whitney Scott Bain
Santa Monica

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