Saturday, February 28, 2015

New jet fuel truck, aircraft hangars taking wing at Ottawa Municipal Airport (KOWI), Kansas

Courtesy of the City of Ottawa
A jet fuel truck (pictured in background) is a recent addition to the Ottawa Municipal Airport, 2178 Montana Road. The City of Ottawa purchased the truck for $16,000 from the City of Newton. Adding Jet A fuel should attract more planes to the airport and increase revenues, city officials said.

A readily available Jet A fuel supply and the promise of more storage space for private aircraft are just some of the improvements taking flight at Ottawa Municipal Airport this year.

Did you know?

Established in: Mid-1940s (construction began in 1944 and was completed after the conclusion of World War II)

Fixed-base operator: OWI Aviation LLC, a management company owned by Hawkeye Helicopter LLC, 401 S. Main St., Ottawa

Address: 2178 Montana Road, three miles southeast of Ottawa

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