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Pilot made bad choices before fatal crash: report

Report into fatal plane crash in NWT shows plane was damaged, pilot felt ill

IVANHOE LAKE, N.W.T. - Investigators say a pilot killed in a crash in the Northwest Territories made poor choices, including taking off in a damaged plane.

A report by the Transportation Safety Board says the pilot was also feeling ill the day of the crash but refused to call in sick.

The single-engine float plane was on its way to Ivanhoe Lake when it went down in August 2013.

It's right wing had earlier hit some trees during a landing but the pilot didn't have the plane inspected.

Wreckage of the plane was later found under water and RCMP divers recovered the pilot's remains.

The DHC-3 Otter belonged to Transwest Air, based in Prince Albert, Sask.

The report says the company has since instructed all of its pilots to remove themselves from flight duty if they do not feel fit to fly.

Original article can be found at:

De Havilland Canada DHC-3T Vazar Turbine Otter,  Transwest Air,  C-FSGD: Fatal accident occurred August 22, 2013 near Ivanhoe Lake, NT, Canada

Aviation Investigation Report A13C0105 

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) investigated this occurrence for the purpose of advancing transportation safety. It is not the function of the Board to assign fault or determine civil or criminal liability.

Loss of control – collision with water
Transwest Air Limited Partnership
de Havilland DHC-3 Otter, C-FSGD
Ivanhoe Lake, Northwest Territories, 7 nm S
22 August 2013

Summary:   The float-equipped Transwest Air Limited Partnership DHC-3 turbine Otter (registration C-FSGD, serial number 316) departed Scott Lake, Northwest Territories, at approximately 1850 Central Standard Time on a 33-nautical mile, day, visual flight rules flight to Ivanhoe Lake, Northwest Territories. The aircraft did not arrive at its destination, and was reported overdue at approximately 2100. The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Trenton was notified by the company. There was no emergency locator transmitter signal. A search and rescue C-130 Hercules aircraft was dispatched; the aircraft wreckage was located on 23 August 2013, in an unnamed lake, 10 nautical miles north of the last reported position. The pilot, who was the sole occupant of the aircraft, sustained fatal injuries.

At approximately 0645 on the day of the occurrence, C-FSGD departed the Transwest Air Limited Partnership (Transwest Air) water base in Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan. The itinerary for the day was for approximately 15 flights and included a series of fly-out trips to various outpost camps for a lodge on Scott Lake, Northwest Territories.

The aircraft departed Stony Rapids for the final time at 1637 en route to Desmarais Lake, Northwest Territories, and Sandy Lake, Northwest Territories, to pick up guests and guides and return them to Scott Lake.

During the approach to land at Scott Lake, the aircraft made a low-altitude turn to the right around the south end of an island onto the final approach toward the lodge. While in a right bank, the right wing tip struck a stand of trees on the point of the island. There was a loud bang, and the aircraft swung to the right. The pilot maintained control and touched down on the water several seconds later. After taxiing to the lodge, the pilot made 2 attempts to dock, after which the pilot brusquely ordered a passenger to vacate the right seat. The pilot then moved from the left seat into the right seat and docked the aircraft with the right wing over the dock. Damage to the right-wing leading edge and fibreglass wing tip was evident and was pointed out to the pilot, but the comment was dismissed. When the unloading was complete, the pilot immediately called for the lines to be cast off, and taxied away from the dock.


C-FSGD, Transwest Air: 

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