Sunday, December 07, 2014

Dallas-Maui flight canceled after alleged assault

American Airlines is conducting an internal investigation after a crew member aboard a Hawaii-bound jet reported an assault prior to takeoff Saturday from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

The flight was subsequently canceled, but no one was arrested.

Passengers aboard American Flight 119 had already endured hours of delays due to separate mechanical issues that took one Boeing 737-300 out of service and temporarily grounded a replacement aircraft after the crewmember reported the assault.

The drama unfolded after the jet finally pushed away from the gate at DFW... only to return 15 minutes later. Eric Hattey of Allen captured what happened next with his cell phone camera.

DFW Police officers boarded the aircraft and removed a woman who reportedly assaulted the flight attendant. Hattey said officers spent more than 45 minutes questioning passengers about the alleged assault, but could find no witnesses.

American Airlines said the flight attendant was not injured.

The flight was eventually canceled because the crew had exceeded the maximum number of hours they could safely work — in part because of the police investigation.

Passengers (including Hattey, who was travelling to Maui for his honeymoon) were booked on other flights to Maui on Sunday.

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