Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Commonwealth Ports Authority board member to look into Cape Air’s mechanical problem

Barrie Toves
A board member of the Commonwealth Ports Authority says he will look into the mechanical problems with Cape Air’s aircraft which have been affecting flight service for several weeks now.

Barrie Toves, who represents Rota on the board, said although CPA does not have control over airlines operation, its board can try to find ways to help airlines cope with the challenges they face.

“We will try to see what we can do, maybe meet first with the management and see what’s really going on with their aircraft and why are they having mechanical problems,” Toves said.

“We do understand the concern of the passengers and we need to fix this problem. We want to find out what the problems are that the airline is facing right now,” he added.

“Another issue I will be working on with the board is the improvement of the West Harbor in Rota. We need to develop the facility and I will try to work with all the leaders, talk with them and ask them to come together on the project to develop and improve the harbor.”

Toves was sworn in by Lt. Gov. Jude Hofschneider as a CPA board member yesterday.

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