Sunday, June 08, 2014

Rusk County Airport (KRFI), Henderson, Texas: Air Show and Fly-In

(KETK) - Tyler, Tx — The Rusk County Airport held its first ever Fly-In and Air Show Saturday drawing thousands of people from all across the state to Henderson.

The Air Show was more than a spectacle of skill, it was a tribute to the men and women who have fought for our country; as many of the planes featured were flown overseas.

"It's very special to me, because I've met 26 guys who have flown my plane," said Karen Adams Brinkley, pilot and performer at Saturday's Air Show.

When Adams Brinkley soars through the sky, she is flying not just for herself, but for the brave soldiers who flew her plane in Vietnam.

"This is to say thank you to them," Adams Brinkley said.

Adams Brinkley flies an O-2, a plane designed for use in forward control missions. The model she flies is one of just 25 still being flown in the U.S.

"It made me realize that what I had is a treasure," Adams Brinkley said.

For every pilot that graced the Rusk County runways Saturday, their performance was more than a display of skill, it was a way to honor the brave soldiers who flew these war birds many years ago.

"These airplanes have seen a lot of action for the most part," said Airport Manager, Ron Franks. "Some of them were used in the chain of command like the T-6's for instance and others were actually used in the war itself in the Pacific like the B-25. These airplanes have got a lot of history to them, a lot of great history."

Saturday's show featured 20 planes of a wide variety and included everything from trick planes to agriculture planes.

The event took place at the Rusk County Airport and admission was free.


PHOTOS: Rusk County Airport's Air Show and Fly-In was held Saturday

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