Sunday, June 08, 2014

Trenton Mercer Airport (KTTN) tower funding could be saved

Mercer County officials learned Friday that the Trenton-Mercer Airport might get $149 million for its air traffic control tower.

The funding is in the federal DOT/FAA appropriations legislation for fiscal year 2015 that was approved by the full Senate Appropriations Committee.

"This is a big victory for contracted towers nationwide, and an enormous step toward securing what will hopefully become permanent funding for the contracted air traffic control tower at Trenton-Mercer Airport," said Mercer County Executive Brian M. Hughes.

The air traffic control tower at the airport was among the 189 contracted towers funded by the FAA that were facing elimination or reduced tower operations last year due to budget cuts, said county spokeswoman Julie Willmot.

When told funding would be cut, Hughes aggressively appealed to the FAA and to other federal officials to continue funding for the tower.

The airport has 85,000 takeoffs/landings annually and has received perfect marks, known as "zero deficiencies" from the FAA, Hughes said.


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