Thursday, June 19, 2014

Beatrice Municipal Airport (KBIE) lands three private aircraft Thursday

The Beatrice Municipal Airport hosted three private jets Thursday.

The three aircraft -- a Dassault Falcon, a Cessna Citation and an Embraer Phenom -- traveled to Nebraska for business in and around the Beatrice area. Pilot Juan Gonzalez said private aircraft are vital tools for large companies with multiple locations.

“Business aircraft are time machines,” he said. “It’s a tool. It’s like a computer. You can’t operate without it today, and reach out to customers that are more than a block away.”

Gonzalez said private aircraft are also more convenient than commercial airliners.

“We might make multiple stops in Nebraska in one day,” he explained. “You can’t do that on the airlines. To get out to Nebraska on the airlines, you probably have to fly into Omaha, then drive. It might not take too long, but you can’t drive back to Omaha and fly back the same day. It’s such a great tool to expand your business.”

Airport Manager Diana Smith said private aircraft flies into Beatrice on a consistent basis, bringing business to the community.

“They come in, they come into town and they spend money,” she said. “They go to lunch. Another aircraft has catering brought in. That’s money spent in the City of Beatrice. A lot of times, they spend the night. They’ll stay at the hotels. It’s all part of that economic impact.”

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