Sunday, April 06, 2014

Somaliland-Somalia set to take over air traffic control by early 2015 says Aviation Minister

 HARGEISA- Minister of Aviation of Somaliland Mr. Mohamud Hashi Abdi spelled out on agreement that the government of Somaliland reached with Somalia over the country’s air traffic control.

Somaliland Minister of Aviation leading a technical committee to Istanbul met with his Somali counterpart.

Technical committees from both sides met in Istanbul and Mr. Hashi,  Minister of Aviation announced that the two sides agreed in principle that by April 2015 Somalia and Somaliland will officially takeover the control of her airspace.

Aviation Minister returned from Turkey and arrived at Egal airport on Sunday.

Mr. Hashi has said that clause in the last talks between Somaliland and Somalia created rift between the two delegates which called that the technical committees from both sides must have headquarters in Hargeisa.

The agreement reached by Somaliland and Somalia on the 7-9th June in 2013 further stipulated that the office in Nairobi to be relocated.

The Minister of Aviation of Somaliland stated that the technical committees from Somalia put forward a plan to form a steering committee and that they must be given the opportunity to create new schemes that will guide them and that was the bone of contention.

Mr. Hashi affirmed that the two sides reached a common understanding on two clauses which is that the country is in bad need of regaining its air traffic control and he further explained that they fixed a date to take over the control from the UN.

During the tenure of Bhutrus Gali as the General Secretary of the UN put plan in place that the UN must continue to control her airspace until a central government is installed that can take over it.

The Minister said that it was agreed that by Jan 2015 that Somalia and Somaliland will officially regain the control of her airspace and that the technical committees will be given the overall responsibility of smooth running of the air traffic.