Tuesday, April 29, 2014

LETTER: Don't Cut Blue Angels From Show; Their Noise Is the Sound of Freedom


Recently, Jim Phillips wrote that he felt the Navy's Blue Angels should be excluded from Lakeland's Sun 'n Fun ["Cut Blue Angels From Show," April 11].

A U.S. soldier in combat coined the phrase "Jet noise is the sound of freedom." It is more than applicable in rebuttal to the letter from Mr. Phillips suggesting the Blue Angels should perform elsewhere.

Were it not for American military aviators, such as the Navy Blue Angels and Air Force Thunderbirds, the noise you hear overhead, someday, could be that of an enemy bomber preparing to annihilate your neighborhood.

Performing service to their country, the Blue Angels defend and boldly support your constitutional right to express disagreement with their appearance at Lakeland's Sun 'n Fun festivities. There are oppressed people in many countries who would willingly sacrifice everything — including life itself — to hear the "freedom noise" from a Blue Angel jet.

For selection as a Blue Angel pilot, the candidate must be able to fly and land on an aircraft carrier and have 1,250 jet flight hours, as well as complete a three-year tour in a jet fighter squadron.

If your house were an object floating in water at 30 knots, these pilots could land in the space of your living room without disturbing dinner in the dining room.

Millions of Americans have been inspired by Blue Angel performances. Their purpose is not to put on a carnival-like show, but to project pride in our country, to demonstrate excellent competency in their chosen profession and to follow their service traditions.

Americans should be proud of our military pilots who serve and should continue to have opportunities to see them perform. If these pilots are willing to commit their time, careers and three years of duty as Blue Angels, surely a few hours of noise should bring to you and your neighbors the sound of freedom.



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