Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kingman, Arizona: County planners approve change to a permit for a private landing strip and an airplane hangar on property in Havasu Heights north of Lake Havasu City

KINGMAN — The planning and zoning commissioners approved Wednesday a permit for a wireless cell tower north of Bullhead City.

The commissioners approved a building permit for a 100-foot wireless communication tower off Katherine Mine Road near Katherine Heights. The property is zoned multiple residential. An upcoming meeting by the District 2 Board of Adjustment will address setbacks.

The commission also approved a change to a permit for a private landing strip and an airplane hanger on property in the Havasu Heights north of Lake Havasu City. The land is zoned agricultural residential, 36-acre minimum lot size. The change to the permit would allow extending the strip into two parcels and would include a crosswind landing strip.

A neighbor opposed the crosswind landing strip saying there would be an increase in noise and the danger of a plane experiencing mechanical problems. She also said there is already a landing strip there.

The owner, Arlo Cox, said it would be for personal use and not for commercial use except for emergency landings. He also said the noise is less than an all-terrain vehicle. The strip would be used by future lot owners.

The commission also re-elected District 3 Commissioner Carl Flusche of Lake Havasu City as the commission chairman and District 5 Commissioner Mehdi Azarmi as vice chairman for 2014. The 10 commissioners, two from each supervisor district, meet each month to recommend planning and zoning issues to the county supervisors.

Steve Buck and Robert Jones represent District 2, which includes Bullhead City, and Azarmi and Paul Selberg represent District 5, which includes Mohave Valley and Fort Mohave.

The planning and zoning issues will go before the county supervisors for approval at their May 5 board meeting.