Friday, January 24, 2014

Missing Man Formation: North Carolina’s 4th Fighter Wing Salutes Risner in DC Flyover


Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, NC January 24, 2014 – Four F-15Es from the 336th Fighter Squadron conducted a missing man formation flyover during a funeral in honor of retired Brig. Gen. Robinson Risner, Jan. 23, at Arlington National Cemetery. 

Risner is a former member of the 336th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, currently known as the 336th FS.

According to Capt. Reid Thomas, a 336th FS pilot and flyover participant, Risner is an Air Force hero on many levels, having served courageously in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

“All of his heroism and amazing self-sacrifice makes it an honor for our squadron to remember a true fighter pilot hero and one of the 336th’s own with a befitting missing man flyover,” said Thomas. “I personally can’t think of a better way to send a nine-foot-tall hero into the wild blue yonder.”

Risner’s list of achievements includes an assignment to the 336th FIS, 4th Fighter Wing, at Kimpo, Korea in May 1952. While with the 336th FIS, he flew more than 100 combat missions in the F-86 Sabre against Mig-15s over North Korea. He’s credited with eight enemy aircraft destroyed and became the 20th jet ace during the Korean War. While on temporary duty with the 67th Tactical Fighter Squadron at Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand, he was shot down over North Vietnam in April 1965 and later rescued.

Risner returned to duty, then in September 1965 he was shot down again over North Vietnam and captured. While held prisoner in Hanoi, also known as the Hanoi Hilton, Risner served first as the senior ranking officer and later as vice commander of the 4th Allied Prisoner-of-War Wing.

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