Wednesday, December 11, 2013

David Miller and David Crombie hate the Island Airport, and so does the Board of Health

Monday was quite a day for Porter Airlines. The company’s bid to start flying jets out of the Island Airport not only earned rebukes from both Davids (former mayors Miller and Crombie, both of whom are opposed to what they see as runaway waterfront development), it also managed to draw official criticism from the city’s Board of Health, which voted unanimously to oppose the plan because of its possible negative impact on the well-being of residents.

The board of health is known for making sweeping, sometimes unpopular recommendations, and so its decision to intercede in a pitched political fight like this one isn’t out of character. What is a little surprising is what David McKeown, Toronto’s chief medical officer, said during the meeting. According to the Post, his exact words to the board were, “No airport is the healthiest option.”    Great, we’ll just knock it down and put some lawn chairs on the tarmac. Problem solved.

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