Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cops say flyer was not assaulted at Dubai Airport

A senior police official has rubbished rumors that a passenger from Saudi Arabia was assaulted in Dubai International Airport.

Dubai Police issued a statement after some Saudi websites and social media networks published articles and comments about a Saudi man who claimed he was arrested at the airport and assaulted by cops.

A post on the official facebook page of Dubai Police read: “Dubai Police assured that an airline passenger, a Saudi national, was treated with full respect and in a civilized manner, despite the disturbance he caused with an airline employee.

This resulted in the airline cancelling his flight. They also confirm the passenger was not beaten, insulted or held in custody. He was provided with full transport assistance to his hotel. He later called Dubai Police to thank them for their assistance.”

Brigadier Ali Ateeq bin Lahej, deputy director of the airports security department at Dubai Police, explained that the flyer arrived late to board his flight.

He said: “The Saudi passenger and two friends were told they could not board the flight. An aviation officer asked them to leave the airport when they started yelling and causing chaos in the airport.”

Dubai Police said the officer closed the gate, but the Saudi insisted on boarding the plane and started yelling.

“The aviation employee blocked their way, but they insisted so he called Dubai Police,” Bin Lahej added.

Police said officers arrived and explained to the Saudi that he could not board the aircraft. “We asked them to either wait for the next flight or leave the airport and re-book. Finally they decided to leave,” Lahej added.

Police said they handled the matter in a "classy” way and later received a thankful call from the man.

“Dubai Police always respects Dubai’s visitors. What happened was a misunderstanding,” Lahej said.


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