Saturday, November 02, 2013

Crop Duster Shooting Case Delayed

Christopher Lewis 
 (Courtesy photo)

TWIN FALLS • Christopher V. Lewis’s preliminary hearing on a felony charge of shooting at a crop duster has been delayed until Nov. 22 

Lewis, 42, of Filer, was to have been in Twin Falls County Magistrate Court on Friday. He is charged with one count of discharging a firearm at an aircraft, a felony.

On Aug. 24, Lewis told authorities he was angry about the low-flying aircraft, went outside with his shotgun and “did something bad,” according to a deputy’s report. Lewis changed his story a few times, saying he fired his semi-automatic Remington shotgun twice, then four times, deputies wrote.

Lewis also told deputies his neighbor brought his children to his home, saying the neighbor was frightened by how close the crop duster was flying to the ground.

Lewis was arraigned on the charge in early October. He has not yet entered a plea but could after his preliminary hearing or if he is arraigned sooner in District Court.


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