Saturday, November 02, 2013

Search Resumes for Aircraft Lost in Tirúa

At 7 in the morning they resumed the inquiry in the area where it was found a scrap metal, it could be a part of the Cessna 172. However, the results are still awaited to confirm that this fragment is the plane.

SANTIAGO– On Thursday, during the afternoon, metal debris was found, they would correspond to the fuselage of the Cessna 172 that since last October 6 is missing, while flying between Isla Mocha and Tirúa with five people on board.

The discovery was made about 15 miles south of Tirúa in the Tranicura sector, hours after the relatives of missing persons conducted an ecumenical service to remember those missing in this plane, the Tuesday after the operation finished search by Armed Forces teams. According to the police , the metal piece is inscribed with watermark type the acronym ” CLAD24ST ” , which was subsequently verified by Ruben Luis Paredes Diocares , the strayed aircraft mechanic, who stated that the serial number corresponds to the frame of the plane.

During the search operation deployed by the Air Force tracked an area equivalent to 9,000 square kilometers and only found a backpack belonging to one of the crew of the plane , Jorge Luengo Espinoza.

Without finding reliable information regarding the location of the aircraft , it was decided to end the search and since last Tuesday it had begun the withdrawal of the Armed Forces troops, a situation that eventually have to be reevaluated.

But at 7 am on Friday resumed the search for missing plane in Tirúa , after the discovery of a metal piece that would be part of the fuselage of the aircraft. However, the piece has not yet been officially confirmed as part of the missing Cessna 172, and is undergoing surveys by the PDI. According to informed sources Emol for maritime governance Talcahuano, two vessels roam the area , one of which leads to 8 divers on board, in addition to patrols Lebu harbor master, that run the place by land. The search is performed between 10 and 12 kilometers south of Tirúa, will run throughout the day despite weather conditions that generated rough seas, complicating the work of divers in the sector

The continuation of the investigations will depend on the results at the end of the day and the expertise of the piece found yesterday, which has yet to be confirmed as part of the Cessna 172 , lost on 6 October. The piece found was recognized by the mechanical air terminal as part of the stricken aircraft, however,  still waiting for official confirmation.


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