Tuesday, October 15, 2013

'Ah, bless him': Air traffic control reaction as footage emerges of passenger's emergency landing at Humberside airport

Video released by the RAF shows the moment a passenger was forced to land a light aircraft after the pilot fell ill at the controls.  

John Wildey, who had never flown a plane before, had to be guided down by two instructors on the ground at Humberside Airport last Tuesday after the pilot became ill. 

An RAF helicopter that had been called in to assist filmed the plane as it attempted the landing. 

At one point during communications with air traffic control, a woman can be heard saying "ah, bless him" after Mr Wildey appears to say "sorry for the trouble". 

The 77- year-old who grounded the Cessna 172 in the dark and with no lights, praised the flight instructors and emergency services for keeping him calm throughout the ordeal. “I was lucky they were talking to me on the radio all the time,” he said. “I fumbled along.” 

The footage also shows how the plane veered off the runway after landing, coming to a stop in a field adjacent to the tarmac strip. 

Story and Video:   http://www.telegraph.co.uk

Moment of passenger's emergency landing at Humberside airport

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