Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Premier Aviation signs contract with Cape Air, creating dozens of jobs with hope of more in the future

Rome (WSYR-TV) - An airline has signed a contract with Premier Aviation in Rome, a deal that will create 15 jobs and hopefully more in the future.

Premier Aviation has been contracted on a three-year-deal to paint up to 70 of Cape Air's passenger aircraft.

The company is recruiting 15 people to work in the paint facility, but they're also looking to fill 50 other positions in the near future.

The Premier Aviation overhaul center deals with maintenance, repairs, and paint jobs.

“It's the only paint bay in the Northeast. We'll have 25 full-time dedicated employees. This is a stepping stone to this paint hanger," said Jennifer Rapson, Financial Controller with Premier Aviation.

Rapson says the 15 positions are entry level, but that there is potential for growth within the company.

"We need people to stay in the paint program, but we need them to excel further in to other areas possibly," Rapson said.

Rapson says major contracts are in the works, which could mean more jobs for the area. 

Source:  http://www.9wsyr.com

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