Saturday, July 27, 2013

Service van bangs into jet...driver flees: Plane’s wing damaged

A flight service van rammed into a passenger aircraft parked at Saudi Arabia’s largest airport, causing damage to its wing before fleeing the tarmac in the absence of security cameras, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

The right wing of the Airbus 320 was badly damaged in the accident at King Khaled international airport in the capital Riyadh on Thursday night, Sabq said.

“We are still searching for the driver who caused this accident…the plane is still out of service,” an unnamed airport official told the paper.

The official said the aircraft was undergoing maintenance ahead of its Friday’s flight when the supervising engineer felt the bang.

“The engineer was at the left wing when the accident occurred… he went round and found that the right wing was damaged…plastic pieces believed to be broken beacon lights of the vehicle were found on the ground below the wing… I am myself surprised that there are no security cameras in that area.”